5 Winter Wedding Flowers That Are Memorable

5 Winter Wedding Flowers That Are Memorable

Winter is known to be unfriendly to flowers as it is usually icy and cold. however, this is not excuse enough to not beautify your special occasions with amazing floral patterns. there are numerous colorful flowers that thrive in winter and you’ll easily light up your decor with any of them. Below is a list of 5 of the most beautiful flowers that would make your winter wedding memorable.


Amaryllis is a wedding flower bouquet grown from December to late June that can add focal point and elegance to your wedding. It is alike with orchids, roses, and peonies. In other words, it makes up for the absence of these flowers during winter. You can use red and white amaryllis bouquet for bi-color themed weddings such as Christmas or valentine day. Standing alone at each table adds wonderful scenery to your wedding venue.


Anemones are a popular choice of wedding flower for brides that want to introduce a black accent to their wedding. This is due to their conspicuous black centers. They are available for a winter wedding as they normally grow from October to May. This flower comes in varying colors ranging from white to red, pink, blue, purple and yellow that can be used to the aesthetics of your wedding more natural and classic.


Astilbe, also known as the false goat's beard, offers a unique and outstanding look for wedding floral. It is a wonderful floral choice to add color and beauty to a place where other flowers will not thrive. Astilbe, with an icicle-like shape, comes in many hues of color such as red, white and fuchsia. When it comes to adding a dramatic effect and vintage elegance during a winter wedding, Astilbe is the perfect choice to go for.


Astrantia, a wedding flower that has long expectancy, adds airiness and elegance to any event. The aromatic roots offer a great scent to the environment it is kept. This sun-loving perennial flower has enticing clusters of flowers that come in different colors from rosy pink to stark white.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

If you wish to add a truly romantic touch and feel to your wedding event during winter, Phalaenopsis Orchids is the appropriate flower to use. It can be used to draw attention to any part of the wedding event. Phalaenopsis Orchids also works well as an accessory to the bride’s hair, adding an even more natural feel to the makeover. There you have it! These are the flowers that you can use to spruce up any wedding event during winter. There are different color palettes of wedding flowers that will add elegance and grace to your wedding. The fall of snow does not mean you cannot use natural flowers to make your wedding magnificent looking during the cold periods. You can grow any of these flowers in a greenhouse or better still purchase them from a florist. Finally, it is important to ensure that the flowers used in a wedding event dovetails effortlessly with the other decorative elements present. Follow Eden Events Instagram for the latest updates! https://www.instagram.com/p/BoKrUx-gAi4/
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