2018 Wedding Flower Trends

2018 Wedding Flower Trends

With the new year in full swing, it’s time to consider the new trends that have been ushered in. It seems as though daring with some subtleties are the keys to successful flowers, and arrangements, this season.

When it comes to color, pops of vibrant, warm colors help create the perfect summer arrangement. The feeling of sunshine is washing over weddings, producing a soft and inviting vibe. The combinations of colors are endless with variations on the traditional yellow, orange, or peach, consider including copper or bronze pieces to give off golden rays.


Not only are new color schemes emerging but so is the use of other earthy tones, created by using moss detailing. Moss gives a lush and soft feeling, its pushing the envelope a little more since the rise of the use of leafy greens in arrangements. Its versatility makes it an ideal accessory to the basic bouquet or the standard table arrangement.

Gone are the days of holding a simple bouquet; change up your weddings style with live walls. Create a backdrop for your ceremony, behind the bride and grooms table, or even in the photo booth! It can also highlight the cake or gift tables by bring the outdoor feeling in. Flower walls can create an elegant focal point while also allowing less to be spent on arrangements elsewhere.

Sometimes carrying your bouquet can feel like a hassle. Time to change the stereotype of having to carry a large arrangement by wearing your flowers! While flower crowns have been in style in years past, brides are opting to wear flowers in place of traditional jewelry pieces. For the daring and fashion forward brides, this is an option that can elevate your look.

Is there one color that you absolutely love but are afraid that you need to diversify your bouquet? Have no fear, the year for using a single color is here. Want some change? Choose a few different flowers that come in the same color. A blanket affect will be created due to the similarities, but the detail of the different flowers will create depth and structure.

Whoever said bigger is better did not know that 2018 would be a year of minimalistic flowers. Less is more seems to be the case here; by limiting the number of flowers, we are able to play more with the shapes and sizes of the vases. The vessel in which the arrangement is displayed in can be just as much of a statement as the flower itself, it can be a work of art that elevates the table to another level.


If using a vase is not something you are interested in but want to create a different look, try using potted plants. Pots range in size, shape, color, pattern, texture, and so on. Try an item that is not traditionally a vessel for flowers as a vase such as a champagne glass, or mason jar. These items are use every day and aren’t thought of as traditionally being used for flowers. Each can create a different feeling to the wedding from elegant to rustic.

Whether you chose to have a stand out showpiece such as a flower wall or an understated center piece with a unique vessel, there are many new trends for 2018 that are pushing the traditional envelope. Consider the space in which you are holding your big day, establish a color scheme, and think about the vibe you want your guests to experience. No matter what you chose, chose one that leaves a lasting impression!


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