11 Wedding Flower Tips Every Bride Should Know

11 Wedding Flower Tips Every Bride Should Know

The D-Day is already at hand and now every piece is falling in place for a memorable wedding. How happy we are for you! Now is the time you choose your wedding flowers. This is so exciting, no doubt. But there are probably some things you should know. Below are some valuable wedding flower tips to help you and your florist assemble the best combinations for your big day.

1. Do your bit before seeing your florist

You’ll need to see a florist to get started with choosing your wedding flowers. But before the meeting, you’ll need to do some research. Most importantly, these should include the names those flowers you want, certain floral terms as well as details and arrangements.

2. Factor your venue into your floral choice

Your wedding venue, as well as your table configuration, should greatly influence your choice of wedding flowers. Talk these through with your florist so you can have a design that blends well and won’t look out of place.

3. Get florist recommendations from others

You want a reliable florist to make this worthwhile. Get recommendations from other couples, friends, online reviews, neighbors, etc. With a great florist, half of your work with your wedding flowers is already done!

4. Pictures are worth way more than words

Rather than just talk, talk, and talk, why not bring along your inspiration boards, a photograph of your wedding gown, your bridesmaid fabric swatch, and any other thing that will help your florist visualize your style and choice better. One picture, can worth more than a thousand words and it’s very true in this case.

5. Flowers make up a significant part of your wedding budget

Flowers and décor will take up about 10% of most wedding budgets. Have this at the back of your mind and let your florist know your budget right from the start of the discussion.

6. Some flowers are seasonal but…

This is one of the most important wedding flower tips we which every couple knows. Many flowers are seasonal and may be out when you have to wed. Fortunately, some have look-alikes that will fit in as worthy replacements. More reason why your florist should get every detail of what you want.

7. ‘Roses’ or ‘pink roses’?

So, you want roses, right? Well, roses, like many other flowers come in different colors. It helps to let your florist know you want pink roses or some specific colors rather than generalizing in some cases.

8. Flowers carry meanings and evoke unique styles

Every bride should understand that wedding flowers are more than just bouquets and centerpieces. Your choice of flower, the arrangement, colors, and everything all carry special meanings and evoke certain styles. Why not personalize this and bring meaning into your wedding flowers?

9. Coordinate the logistics

There are still some logistics involved like timing the delivery with your photographer’s arrival, removing damaged bloom, placing the flowers in vases, and ensuring they are kept away from sunlight so they don’t wilt too quickly. You’ll need to coordinate these properly.

10. Get a proposal from your florist

Your meetings with the florist should also include getting a proposal. Details of important things like the exact list of your wedding flowers, the cost of materials as well as the general breakdown of total costs should be included. Get the highest best case scenario as well as the lowest possible minimum. Be open about your budget and discuss with your florist how to make the most suitable decisions in regards to this.

11. Don’t forget your guests

Well, it’s your day and it’s no doubt about you and your heartthrob. But, you’ll still have to consider your guests while making your decisions with flowers. Your tablescape should not get in the way of a good time. Sure you don’t want your tables to feel empty but they also should not get in the way of conversations. Incorporating flowers into your big day can seem exciting and challenging at the same time. These valuable wedding flower tips will, however, go a long way to make things more beautiful, delightful and less stressing.
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