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UPDATE: As of 4/2/2021 we are not currently filling shipping orders from our website. Please call with any questions.

With COVID-19 keeping us at a distance from the ones we love, people have been eager to close that gap in the form of sending flowers. This way, even when you physically can't be there for that special birthday, holiday, or occasion, you can be there in spirit with the gift of flowers. That being said, there is an extremely high demand for flowers from the local flower shop level all the way to the floral growers. This demand for flowers has exponentially increased, causing a lack of availability for a few reasons.

Why is there a floral shortage?

COVID-19: Due to COVID-19, the increase in floral demand has now extended past the current supply of flowers by the farmers. 

Weather: Growers are now experiencing poor growing conditions in the South American regions, as well as a lack of sunlight in the North American regions. 

Transportation: Flowers being imported are now lacking passenger planes to carry them, with shipping being at an all time high. 

International Holidays: With Europe celebrating Mother's Day on March 8th, the product availability has become scarce. 

So, what can you do?

Support Local Business: Whether you are ordering flowers or not, supporting your local businesses keeps businesses like us open and running, especially with COVID-19 hurting so many small businesses.

Order Early: With Mother's Day around the corner, ordering early for big holidays allows us to have record of what we need so that we can prepare effectively given the current shortage.

Be Flexible: In the event that we have to substitute flowers in an arrangement, we will provide a comparable substitute of equal value that will still reflect the color scheme.

Be Understanding: We want to provide the highest quality of flowers as well as a wonderful experience! Part of that includes being fully transparent about the current flower shortage so that our customers understand in the event a substitution needs to be made. 

Thank you for your continual support to our shops,

The Garden of Eden Flower Shop

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