Meet the Team

Meet our dedicated Garden of Eden staff!

Gail Bibeau, Owner & Operator

Dana Fredo, Manager of Eden Events & Designer

Years as a designer: 23 Years

Favorite design style: Modern Organic Garden Design

Why is it your favorite?: I love that it is warm, romantic and whimsical, very reminiscent of Renaissance design. 

What is your favorite flower: I love seasonal specialty flowers!

Michelle Coghlan, Manager of Garden of Eden & Designer

Years as a designer: 23 Years

Favorite design style: Organic Garden Design

Why is it your favorite?: I love the use of many greens and the ability to work with the flowers as they are.

What is your favorite flower: Roses and all of them.

Stacey Henry, Designer

Years as a designer: 30+ years

Favorite design style: Modern/Tropical

Why is it your favorite?: Clean lines and the limitless possibilities & challenges

What is your favorite flower: Anthurium

Katie Quinn Griffith, Designer

Years as a designer: 22 Years

Favorite design style: Organic

Why is it your favorite?: I love how organic arrangements can break design rules but still hold up to them. It's riddle like me!

What is your favorite flower: Hydrangea

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